Seven secret tricks of the hottest railway police

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The "seven secret tricks" of the railway police help you identify the fake train tickets printed

with the Spring Festival holiday approaching, the tide of returning home is also coming, and the train tickets have once again become the means of forgery, reselling and cheating by all kinds of criminals. In order to ensure the legitimate rights and interests of migrant workers and the safe travel of passengers, Shaanxi Ankang Railway Police have seven ways to identify fake train tickets, which are shared here to avoid being cheated

generally speaking, fake train tickets take two forms, said Tang Peide. The first is to make up the ticket, that is, the illegal personnel use the bought short-distance train ticket and the used abandoned ticket to modify and forge the departure station, train number, amount and other places of the genuine ticket by means of making up. The second is to print tickets, that is, to make fake train tickets by means of machine printing and color copying

fake train tickets can be identified by the following seven methods:

have a look. The ink on the face of the real train ticket has a soft gloss under sufficient light. When it is illuminated against the light, it has the words of railway emblem and TL, when it is illuminated by the side light, it has the words of China Railway and Cr, and the fake ticket has no words of China railway and Cr or the transparent watermark is blurred according to the settlement surface

second check. If the handwriting of the train ticket is found to be different, or there are traces of erasure, it is most likely a fake ticket. If there is only a 0 after the decimal point of the amount, it must be a fake ticket

three touch. The real train ticket is beautifully printed and feels good. The paper of fake train tickets is poor, and the ink will stick to your hands when you use your hands to gently soften the face and numbers

four photos. For the ticket that has been patched up or altered, the place where the ticket face has been patched up is a little white or the handwriting overlaps in the direct sunlight

five rubs. The real train ticket is straight and flat, and the paper is good. It can be rolled into a barrel by hand, and it can be restored to its original state after being released. It is difficult to unfold the fake train ticket with a little hand rubbing

six pairs. The top group of codes on the left side of the true train ticket is the ticket number, such as 02l028431, which will reappear in the second group of 21 digit bar coded numbers at the bottom of the ticket, such as l028431

seven. Compared with real and fake train tickets, real train tickets feel convex and concave, while fake train tickets use more wax paper and feel slippery; The real train does not guarantee that the sensors and other parts of the equipment will not be damaged. The ticket has a clear anti-counterfeiting watermark, and the anti-counterfeiting watermark of the fake train ticket is fuzzy; The color of the real train ticket is soft, and the fake train ticket is brighter and reflective than the real ticket. If you squeeze your hand hard, you will get the color on it

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