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Before and after the new year, seven things that glass industry bosses must grasp are hot. As a boss, 3. What should glass industry bosses do when they don't do experiments for a long time? In addition to the summary, there are plans. Everyone will say so. So what is the current market particle price of about 5000 (1) 2000 yuan per ton? What is the plan? I personally think the following work has to be done

I. review and revise the positioning. After one year of operation, we have accumulated a lot of experience in products, customer groups, business models, operation promotion and other aspects. What works and what doesn't work needs to be rectified. Therefore, the paper industry will continue to be a year of challenges and opportunities. A team will make a choice and focus to form its own distinctive differential apparent density: the determination standard astmdl662 alienation new positioning. Re plan your own factory or glass store after you set the location

second, plan new profit growth points for the new year. As the carrier of profits, products are preferred. Check the warehouse inventory, which products and services can continue to operate, which products and services need to be eliminated and updated, and which new products need to be developed. Sort out the necessary resources to support new profit growth, and confirm which are ready-made and which need outsourcing or new product development

third, sort out and confirm the cooperative relationship between suppliers. Upstream and downstream suppliers shall sort out, eliminate and update as necessary. Pay a return visit and communicate with key suppliers to obtain the supplier's business support and cooperation for the new year. Communicate the supply capacity and development plan of key suppliers in the new year

IV. plan the allocation of funds for the new year. Plan the turnover rate of self owned funds and loan funds. Customer and supplier payment collection and settlement. The input budget for the new year includes inventory costs, labor costs, operating expenses, etc

v. return visit of key customers. Sort out and stratify customers, visit key customers, return visit and care for customers, understand their sales and inventory, and plan for the new year, and send gifts by grade

VI. care for employees and attract core employees to become shareholders. Annual meetings, bonuses and Spring Festival red envelopes are essential. Talk to core employees, understand career planning, and whether to be absorbed as a new shareholder according to the situation

VII. The formulation and implementation of the operation plan for the new year, focusing on the leading quarterly and monthly work plans. Focus on planning production, market, brand, as well as the means and steps of operation

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