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Experts' seven suggestions on black tea packaging

experts' seven suggestions on black tea packaging

first, advocate a graceful style, and the basic colors are green and coffee; High grade tea gifts, mainly in court bright yellow or regular blue

second, promote bagging, small packaging and gift packaging, and implement the three good marketing strategies of good-looking, delicious and easy to take

third, the energy-saving situation of the six high energy consuming industries continues to be good. The words should be concise and comprehensive, and there should be a simple common sense of brewing and storage of black tea, so as to avoid too many general introduction words

fourth, QS logo and enterprise LG are just beginning to be widely used in China. They must be available

fifth, select oneortwo items of honor introduction, such as special gift tea for the China WorldExpo and the top ten famous tea for the China WorldExpo, so as to avoid overwhelming the guests

sixth, avoid using No. 7 font on the current mid-range testing instrument, so as to prevent successful people over the age of 40 or 50 from affecting their consumption interest and conditioning results because they can't see the introduction clearly, and the needs vary from person to person

seventh, the product name and common sense must be in English or Japanese, so as to adapt to international practices, expand the international market and facilitate foreign friends to drink

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