Seven tips for the perfection of the hottest print

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Seven tips for "perfect" printing production

there is no perfect printing in the world, but these seven tips introduced below may help people with inner diameter scale to achieve almost perfect printing effect

1. If your printed matter adopts a cross page design, it means that the image or text on one page will span the next book post. At this time, it is best to first determine the position of the paper feeding guide and the paper teeth in the factory, and then place the material as close to that area as possible

in addition, try not to split a text into two book posts for printing

2. Always maintain 1/16 inch (live parts requiring simple cutting) or 1/8 inch (other live parts) bleeding. For any image that exceeds the cutting line, a certain margin (usually 3mm) must be left outside the cutting line, so that people can't correct a small amount of plate alignment when trimming and cutting. This margin is called bleeding. Therefore, when cutting a pile of pages, appropriately increasing the amount of bleeding can improve the cutting quality of the whole live parts

3. If the printing documents you send need die cutting, it is best to store the die cutting lines in a separate layer. In this way, the printer can turn off this layer in the document before printing. In addition, if the sample you get has been printed with die lines, you must let your printing factory know that these lines do not need to be printed. It sounds simple, but many people can't do it

4. First of all, we should determine whether the paper we choose can achieve the desired printing effect. Some papers may be too thick to fold many times; Some papers may not be suitable for UV coating, and some papers may need many days to dry completely. After the new machine is used for 1 hour, some papers can only be coated with water, otherwise they will be damaged by the binding equipment

5. When designing a multi page document for horse riding, we must take into account the movement and separation of the inner pages of books and periodicals or books and periodicals from the spine during production, because the more pages of paper can be used after being broken, and the higher the thickness of the spine, the easier this situation will occur. In order to avoid the phenomenon of uneven text and images on the inner pages caused by this situation, it is best to gradually shorten the margin of the binding line of each page from the outermost page

6. When you submit a printing order for a printing factory, it is best to attach a printed product and a written description. If the number of pages of the product is not indicated in your record, it should be indicated on your sample. Give the written instructions to your colleagues to read, and let them help you find the places that are not easy to understand

7. When you are still in the stage of conception, you should contact the binding factory of [China plastic news] Huafeng spandex () to let them know what you are thinking. They can not only help you achieve your goals, but also put forward many cost saving suggestions for you

if you ignore this step, many simple tasks that can be completed on high-speed equipment may need to be completed by people's manual operations, which will not only delay production time, but also increase production costs. In addition, through the communication with the binding factory, you can let more people know and like your works

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