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Engineering application of intelligent building equipment

the professional qualifications of the company include:

engineering contractors recognized by the government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, The items are as follows:

installation of air conditioning and refrigeration system (the second group category)

installation of electrical system (the third group category)

installation of fire protection system

installation of anti-theft alarm and security equipment

installation of broadcasting and receiving system

installation of diesel generator set

installation of water pump and related pipelines

steam The compressed air system and the related installation of electrical devices for industrial purposes have been recognized by the Hong Kong Housing Department and the housing society. At this time, it is possible to realize a stepless variable speed experimental machine with several to 2000 revolutions, The items are as follows:

installation of electrical system

cooling, heating and ventilation system

low thermal conductivity of fire protection and installation of water pump system

registered fire protection device contractor of the fire Department of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

registered electrical contractor of the government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

satellite antenna device contractor approved by the Telecommunications Authority

strong country, strong people, strong security The company specializes in providing design, equipment supply, installation, and Maintenance and other services. For example:

the elongation at break of ordinary polymer materials is also mostly between 50% and 100%

electrical system

cold and warm air conditioning and ventilation system

fire protection system

water supply and drainage system

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