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The adhesive industry in Asia is on the rise, and the adhesive exhibition 2018 is about to open.

the adhesive industry in Asia is on the rise, and the adhesive exhibition 2018 is about to open.

August 28, 2018

in recent years, with the overall slowdown of world economic development, the status of the Asian market in the world is increasing, and it has gradually become the region with the largest output of adhesives. In September, 2018, the 6th Asian adhesive conference will be held at the same time as the 21st China International adhesive and sealant exhibition, creating a golden week of "Exhibition + Exhibition" for you and opening a new era of adhesive industry

in order to reduce production costs, expand market share and maintain a leading position in the global market, multinational companies that dominate the medium and high-end adhesive field began to implement a series of mergers and acquisitions in Asia, and the production and consumption focus of the global adhesive market gradually shifted to Asia. With the introduction of a series of environmental protection policies and the continuous enhancement of users' awareness of environmental protection, the Asian adhesive market is gradually developing towards solvent-free, water-based, reactive hot-melt and other environmentally friendly and high-performance directions to replace high VOC and toxic categories, which has also become an important feature of the Asian adhesive market Chinese coatings

South Korea: the market has maintained steady growth, and the investment in research and development of high-performance products has increased.

in 2016, the overall output of the adhesive industry in South Korea reached 648600 tons, an increase of 5.2% compared with 2015. According to statistics, the Korean adhesive market has maintained a steady growth trend in the past two years, and this momentum will continue. It is expected that the market scale will reach 2billion US dollars from 2015 to 2018. Among them, the fastest-growing fields are functional adhesives for electronic and electrical, automotive, footwear and shipbuilding

Table 1 the output and sales of adhesives in South Korea and the growth rate of output and sales

in South Korea, traditional adhesive application industries such as shoe making, textile, construction and furniture show a weak growth trend, with a growth rate of about 2%. However, high-performance application industries such as adhesives in the field of electronic appliances (mainly including acrylate, epoxy, polyurethane, silicone or other functional sealants) show a strong growth trend, with a growth rate of about 8%. Adhesives in the field of packaging and composite applications, such as acrylate, pressure-sensitive adhesives, hot-melt adhesives, etc., have performed well in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food packaging industries, with a growth rate of 12%, especially the obvious growth of the application of pressure-sensitive adhesives in the electronic industry. The high-performance adhesives used in the field of automobile and electronic appliances are usually controlled by large multinational enterprises. However, now more and more Korean local adhesive manufacturers are gradually competing in this field and have strong R & D capabilities

at present, South Korea pays more attention to the research and development of oil viscosity and pressure-sensitive adhesive every 1 (3) months according to the application status. The research and development in the field of electronic and electrical appliances mainly focus on the pressure-sensitive adhesive for high-performance ultra-thin film, adhesive for flexible plate or rotatable display screen, pressure-sensitive adhesive for transparent electromagnetic shielding film (TES), pressure-sensitive adhesive for non corrosive optical combined touch screen panel, optical transparent adhesive (OCA), etc. For the automotive field, the main focus of research and development is: structural adhesives, temperature resistant adhesives. For the construction field, the main research focuses on durable structural adhesives and adhesives for reinforced concrete. In the field of medicine, research and development of bio based adhesives mainly used for bonding tissues at present, mainly used for bonding nerves, bones and dentistry

it is expected that the investment and research and development of raw materials and intermediates in South Korea will increase in the next few years to further improve the formulation of adhesives. At the same time, in terms of technology development, Korean enterprises will focus on high-performance products such as environmental friendly adhesives, aqueous lotion, hot melt adhesives and reactive adhesives, so as to better meet the needs of South Korea's leading industries such as electrical and automotive industries

Taiwan: encourage smart green innovation and increase product added value

in Asia, Taiwan has always been an important production and export place of adhesives. In general, the sales volume and price of adhesives in Taiwan are quite stable, with an average annual growth rate of 1.41% in

at present, Taiwan attaches great importance to environmental protection, and the control in this regard is also very strict. Different departments have issued automobile materials and gradually developed in the direction of lightweight and environmental protection, and relevant environmental protection regulations have been issued to control the environmental protection of adhesives. Taiwan's resin and adhesive manufacturers will focus more on the development of environmentally friendly and high value-added adhesives, such as reactive hot melt adhesives, water-based adhesives, bio based resins, high-tech and automatic operation applications. In Taiwan, sustainable materials, including water-based, reactive and hot-melt adhesives, account for 69% of the overall adhesive sales market. The market share of water-based adhesives is still the largest, and has increased from 33% to 38.7% in 2016. In 2016, the fastest-growing adhesive market segments in Taiwan were electronic appliances, paper and book binding

Taiwan's current policies focus on encouraging innovation in intelligent technology, green energy, intelligent manufacturing, livelihood benefits and services to help the industry optimize and improve its added value. To enhance Taiwan's industry, we should make a specific analysis of its position in the global market according to the exposed questions. Among them, technologies such as nanostructured controllable polymers, nano hybrid materials/nanocomposites, smart materials and energy-saving materials will help to improve the competitiveness of Taiwan's synthetic resins and adhesives in traditional and high-tech industries

Japan: the economic recovery is growing steadily, and attention is paid to environmental protection and safety quality.

with the economic recovery in previous years, the production of adhesives in Japan has increased steadily, of which environmental friendly adhesives account for a high proportion. At present, the development trend of Japanese adhesive market is to pay more and more attention to environmental, safety and quality factors. In recent years, vinyl acetate copolymer lotion, (ethylene vinyl acetate) EVA lotion, reactive hot melt adhesive, cyanoacrylate adhesive, polyurethane, acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive, and α- Maleic anhydride adhesives and other products have developed rapidly in the Japanese market

at present, in the process of product development, Japanese adhesive enterprises generally show several hot spots:

functional bonding, that is, the adhesive is required to have additional functions, such as flame retardancy and conduction. Particles are produced by conventional methods in the foaming PS production process

fast bonding, that is, to quickly obtain the design strength of adhesives, such as hot melt adhesives, fast curing acrylate adhesives, etc

pressure sensitive bonding, i.e. long-lasting initial adhesion, is suitable for large-area bonding, such as reactive hot melt adhesive

seal bonding, i.e. air tight and waterproof bonding, such as automobile windshield

elastic bonding, that is, the pressure relief bonding layer is required to have both shear strength and tear resistance, such as modified silicon epoxy adhesive; Detachable bonding, that is, it can be recycled after disassembly

in recent years, the demand for vinyl acetate copolymer lotion, EVA lotion and aqueous isocyanate has increased in the field of woodworking and construction in Japan, and the demand for elastic adhesives for porcelain veneering and panels has begun to appear; According to experts, in the field of packaging, the demand for non comminuted hot melt adhesives for recycled paper, acrylic lotion for laminated products and polyurethane dispersed adhesives has expanded; In the automotive field, the demand for reactive hot-melt adhesives for parts containing adhesives and interiors is increasing, and the demand for elastic hot-melt adhesives for closed beam lamps is emerging; In the electronic and electrical field, multifunctional and rapid UV curing adhesives are popular

China: the supply of traditional products exceeds the demand, and the demand for high-performance products soars

at present, China has become a major adhesive production and consumption country in the world. China's adhesive industry has maintained a momentum of growth in both production and sales. In 2016, the output and sales of adhesives and sealants were 7.339 million tons and 89.71 billion yuan respectively, an increase of 6.9% and 6.3% over the previous year

with the rise of raw materials, the rapid growth of high-quality, high-performance and high value-added products and other factors, it is expected that in the next few years, China's adhesive market will continue to grow at an average annual rate of more than 10%, of which the annual growth rate of hot melt adhesives and reactive adhesives will exceed 12%

Table 2 Annual output, sales and growth rate of adhesives and sealants

in China's adhesive market, the oversupply of most general-purpose products has not changed, while the demand for some high-performance, high-quality adhesives and adhesive products has increased, such as products used in electronic and electrical, precision instruments and meters, automotive, aerospace and other industries. Due to the rapid growth of market demand and the enforcement of environmental protection and energy conservation laws and regulations, in the future, some environmental protection and energy conservation products such as water-based, hot-melt, biodegradable, light curing, room temperature and low temperature curing, solvent-free and high solid content, as well as some high-tech products such as modified, reactive and multifunctional products will have great development, and the growth rate will be higher than that of general products. In addition, the largest demand for adhesives will come from the woodworking and construction industries, while the assembly and transportation industries are the fastest-growing areas. With the increasing degree of specialization, the quality and level of Chinese adhesive products will be significantly improved, and the production will become more centralized

on September, 2018, the 21st China International Adhesives and Sealants Exhibition will be grandly opened at Shanghai New International Expo Center. This exhibition, together with the Sixth Asian adhesives conference, will unite with six downstream exhibitions, and the "golden week of adhesive industry" is coming! At that time, more than a dozen Taiwan enterprises such as nippon, Tongsheng, Deyuan, Hongsheng and Taiwan rubber in Taiwan, famous Korean enterprises such as korong and Hanhua chemical in South Korea, as well as Japanese enterprises such as Zhonghua, sharp and antgu, will gather together, and a professional buyer group from Japan and South Korea will come to meet you for an exchange event in the adhesive industry in Asia

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