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Energy saving strategy of youmala trolley aishe technology

interview person: Li Jing, female CPC member

General Manager of Beijing aishe times Technology Development Co., Ltd.

EMBA of China Europe International Business School

member of China energy conservation Federation

member of the energy conservation service industry committee of China Energy Conservation Association

[introduction] general energy-saving companies change the big horse pull car into a small horse pull car, and believe that the end gas consumption is the process requirement and cannot be changed, while aishe technology uses a young horse to pull a smaller car, based on the advantages of pneumatic theory and practice, to achieve personalized and refined energy saving for the air compressor room and end gas equipment

few Chinese enterprises recognize the energy-saving problem of air compressors (hereinafter referred to as air compressors). Two years ago, when Beijing aishe times Technology Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as aishe Technology) was founded, when the salesperson called many potential customers, many customers directly hung up on the ground of not knowing this transformation mode

after one year of efforts, the operating revenue of aishe technology has increased three times compared with 2009. Although the current turnover is not large, we can clearly feel that the intentional demand of customers is improving, and the market prospect is still very good. Aishe technology P) overload protection: when the load exceeds 3.5% of the maximum value of each gear, general manager Li Jing told that aishe technology's energy-saving concept and technology have been recognized by Softbank (China) venture capital company and have received strong financial support

compressed air is one of the four basic fluid media water, compressed air, steam and natural gas in industrial production, and its energy consumption accounts for about 10% - 35% of the total energy consumption of the factory. Li Jing said that for a long time, in the industrial use of compressed air, only 60% of the energy consumption is used for production, and the remaining 40% of the energy consumption is wasted in the load mismatch of power equipment. He said: I think this is a potential growth field. The gas consumption of end equipment is unreasonable, and the configuration of gas supply pipe is unscientific. However, after the energy-saving transformation of the air compressor system, the energy-saving effect of general enterprises can be improved by about 30%

the shortage of energy gave birth to new business opportunities

in 2002, China's economy entered the fast lane, and then emerged. Let's take a look at the classification and detailed explanation of equipment parameters of wood-based panel universal experimental machine. Let's introduce a large number of enterprises, especially the rapid development of heavy industry. However, under the cover of high profits, the energy shortage has not been paid attention to by Chinese enterprises. Until the eve of the financial crisis sweeping the world in 2008, the high international oil price forced Chinese enterprises to really pay attention to the energy problem. China is one of the countries with the highest output value and energy consumption in the world. Whether compared with the advanced level of foreign countries horizontally or from the perspective of its own vertical development, Chinese enterprises' particle diameter is mainly 1 (1) 0 μ M. the energy-saving space and potential of the rice industry are great

96% of the energy consumption of compressed air system is the power consumption of industrial air compressor. The annual power consumption of industrial air compressor in China is as high as 180billion kwh, accounting for about 6% of the total power consumption in China, while the corresponding figures of Japan, whose GDP is 1.6 times that of China in 2006, are 40billion kWh and 5%. This shows that China's industry needs to vigorously improve the energy utilization efficiency of compressed air system while adjusting the industrial economic structure

difficulties of sunrise industry

in March 2009, aishe technology was established, which is called eco society in English, implying the establishment of an ecological harmonious society

like all entrepreneurial teams, at the beginning of entrepreneurship, the business development of aishe technology was extremely difficult. Once, aishe technology carried out energy-saving transformation for a tire manufacturing enterprise. After diagnosis, the technicians of aishe technology found that there were many problems in the compressed air manufacturing process of this company, there was no information management system, and there were also leakage, unreasonable pressure matching and unreasonable pressure classification of pneumatic components and pipelines in the use of compressed air

after finding the problem, aishe technology provided the company with the expert control system of air compressor group and the frequency converter monitoring function module to optimize the pipe, check and plug the leakage, and added the flow measurement monitoring management system at the same time. After the transformation, the annual power consumption of this enterprise has decreased from 6.355 million kwh before the transformation to 4.249 million kwh, saving 2.106 million kwh, and the energy-saving efficiency has reached about 33%

this is an industrial equipment whose operating cost (mainly electricity consumption) is far greater than the purchase cost. The power of one set is 250KW, and the exhaust is 43 #13221/Min medium screw air compressor, for example, the purchase cost is about 400000 yuan, and the annual power consumption is 2.16 million kwh, about 1.51 million yuan of electricity. If the annual energy consumption can be reduced by more than 30%, a such air compressor can save more than 500000 yuan of electricity, which is equivalent to saving a new air compressor

Li Jing believes that the energy-saving space of air compressors is huge. At present, there are many problems in the air compression system in industrial enterprises. There are two main reasons: first, enterprises do not pay enough attention to the energy conservation of compressed air. In industrial enterprises, energy conservation in electricity, water, steam and other aspects has been widely concerned, and energy conservation work for these energy sources has been carried out. However, since the energy consumption of compressed air accounts for 20% - 40% of the total industrial enterprises, Such a modest embarrassing proportion makes many enterprises ignore the energy management problems in this aspect; Second, many enterprises lack professional technicians in compressed air energy conservation. Therefore, the energy conservation of compressed air system is difficult to promote in industrial enterprises, which has become a blind spot in enterprise management

realization of the new energy-saving concept

although aishe technology has only been established for two years, it has been officially invested by Softbank (China) venture capital company last October. Why Softbank invests in us is because of our unique technology and social team. Li Jing said

she believes that at present, some energy-saving manufacturers are keen to promote hardware without comprehensive optimization analysis of the system, while aishe technology advocates a new energy-saving concept different from the traditional one. At the beginning of the energy-saving demonstration, it promotes the most advanced system energy conservation to enterprises, rather than letting enterprises spend money to buy a pile of mismatched hardware

general energy-saving companies change the big horse pull car into a small horse pull car. They believe that the end gas consumption is the process requirement and cannot be changed, while aishe technology uses a young horse to pull a smaller car. Based on the advantages of pneumatic theory and practice, it realizes personalized and refined energy saving for the air compressor room and end gas equipment

aishe technology has two business models. One is energy-saving guaranteed contract energy management, that is, aishe technology provides energy-saving hardware transformation to end customers and is responsible for installation. After installation, compare the energy consumption data before and after the implementation of the project to achieve the target energy saving rate as the acceptance standard. The other model is shared energy management contract. Aishe technology shares energy-saving benefits with end customers in the agreed proportion within the agreed period

it depends on which mode customers choose. Some enterprises require easy operation, while others pay special attention to energy conservation. The transformation cost of energy conservation guarantee type generally ranges from hundreds of thousands to tens of millions of yuan. Relatively speaking, the contract energy management type is better for us. We also tend to use contracted energy management because we have great confidence in our own technology. Li Jing said that the core technology and equipment of aishe technology are pneumatic energy-saving series products such as air compressor room energy-saving monitoring system and air compressor group expert controller, and leakage detection series products such as intelligent gas leakage point scanning gun and intelligent gas leakage detector. At the same time, it provides comprehensive and detailed energy-saving diagnosis services for enterprises, customizes energy-saving transformation schemes with short investment payback period and significant energy-saving effect, and project approval and implementation

Li Jing said that from the current sales situation, sales will continue to grow exponentially

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