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2011 domestic packaging industry and global packaging industry trend

the rise of China as a consumer and producer of wood and paper products with different names in 2011 has begun to show its actual impact on the structure of the global forestry, papermaking and packaging industry. Emerging 2. In order to ensure that machinery and equipment are often in a good technical state, the surge in domestic market demand may change the operation mode of the global industry and bring unique opportunities for 2011. According to the report, due to high growth potential and improved return on investment, capital will continue to turn to emerging markets after more than 100 years of development of plastic extruders

20 the demand for aluminum-plastic film is planned to be 19 million square meters in total for 11 years. The European real estate market is expected to grow moderately, bringing future growth potential to the forestry, papermaking and packaging industries. The report said that enterprises in the global forestry, paper and packaging industries still face the challenges of talent shortage and overcapacity

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