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The trend of carton packaging machinery in China

eliminate single-sided corrugating machines

single-sided machines are of low grade and cannot guarantee the quality of cartons, so they should be eliminated. In the early 1990s, the state issued a "quality license" for export carton packaging, recognizing that one-sided function guaranteed the quality of cartons, which was based on reality at that time. Therefore, in order to compete for foreign trade packaging business, a batch of carton factories spared no expense to buy single-sided machines. At the beginning, Hubei Jingshan light industrial machinery factory just caught up with this bus and vigorously developed the production of single-sided machines

in the first two years of the 1990s, carton factories all over the country flocked to Jingshan factory, located in the remote and poor Songhe Town, where they competed to buy machines every day. Jingshan factory then began to flourish. However, after a busy period in two or three years, it gradually cooled down. Why? On the one hand, the quality of cartons processed by one-sided machine cannot be guaranteed because the moisture content of the cardboard cannot meet the standard. Especially in rainy weather, users need goods within a time limit, and it is very urgent to fail to deliver the goods. If you need to add a drying device, you can't afford it, and the profit has run by half; Moreover, the dryer is not very effective. Many carton factories began to use it, and later it became a pile of scrap iron. On the other hand, the output of single-sided machine is low, which can not meet the needs of enterprise development. Some factories have bought two single-sided machines in order to expand production, but the output value is still not high

experimental data can also be calculated, sorted out and output according to industry standards or enterprise standards

at this time - the mid-1990s, China's leading enterprises of carton packaging machinery - Hubei Jingshan, Guangdong Zhaoqing, Hebei Handan, Beijing airlines, Zhejiang "Ningbo", Shandong "Yantai", Henan "aerospace" and so on, successively processed "corrugated production lines" to supply the market, and batches of carton factories developed by single-sided machines, One after another, the production line (ordinary) is used to replace the single-sided machine, and the single-sided machine becomes the supplement of the production line. Some small size, low-grade and domestic cartons are machined on one side. Due to large quantities and urgent demand for goods, foreign trade cartons were processed by production lines. Within a few years, single-sided machines were completely replaced by production lines

at present, single-sided machines are also used together with single machines in economically underdeveloped areas. This is not too long. It is estimated that it will take only two or three years

limit ordinary production lines

the three-tier production lines and ordinary production lines are low-grade lines with low output and poor quality, which can not meet the needs of market development, so enterprises need to develop and ordinary lines need to be replaced

in the mid-1990s, a number of enterprises developed from single-sided machines to production lines, which was a leap. The production line has started, but in terms of equipment grade, it is still at the primary (low-level) level. The domestic ordinary production line has been used for three to five years, and the equipment is aging. Around the new century, enterprises with ordinary production lines have encountered market changes and industry changes. Market change means that the demand of the market has expanded and the quality requirements have become higher. Different grades of production lines produce different product quality. In order to achieve both high output and high quality, the equipment must be upgraded

at the same time, industry changes have led to the upgrading of competition, from disordered competition to orderly competition; From single competition to cooperative competition. New competition requires new grade equipment as a means of competition. In the period of ordinary production line, large, medium and small enterprises all made their own cartons and fought a scuffle in the market. Now they are on the high-end production line. They not only process Cartons directly to users, but also process cardboard to small factories, which process cartons to users. This is a big change in the industry. This change will cool the body more effectively than the current natural fabric or chemical fiber fabric. What should enterprises do? Only on the high-end line, can we have a competitive advantage. This time, the upgrading of equipment is fierce, and there are many. In a year or so, Nanjing has launched seven major production lines, leaving ordinary production line enterprises far behind

the number of ordinary production lines is limited and reduced, while in economically underdeveloped areas, ordinary tile lines are still a treasure and have a relatively long period of development. However, after a few years, the economy of these backward areas has developed. Ordinary low-grade lines will also be replaced by high-grade lines, and some may be penetrated by high-grade lines in advanced areas

develop downstream processing equipment

this is another foothold of the great changes in the carton industry, representing the development direction of carton packaging: carton production has entered a new period of specialization and cooperation. Corrugated board post-processing equipment is an important part of carton production. In economically developed areas, small and medium-sized enterprises will transform and strengthen post-processing equipment. Remove the original small equipment for processing paperboard, and reconfigure and strengthen the subsequent processing equipment according to the market volume. Fundamentally break the backward mode of "large and all stainless steel with complex process, high requirements for performance and technology" and "small and all", so as to comprehensively improve the quality of cartons. Only in this way can we meet the market needs after China's entry into WTO. Due to the packaging of our products, we have only emphasized the quality of export packaging for a long time. In the future, China will be in line with international standards. In the era of economic globalization, the packaging quality of domestic and foreign products will be increasingly consistent. In developed countries, the quality of domestic and foreign packaging is exactly the same in the domestic market and the international market. China has long focused on the quality of export packaging and the production equipment for processing paperboard, while many people have not yet opened their eyes to the technology, process and grade of subsequent processing equipment

the trend of high-end large lines

high-end large lines are developing towards high-speed and wide range, which is certain. The high-end large line represents the level of the new generation of carton packaging. Corrugated board is the foundation of carton. Only with high-grade large line can we process high-quality paperboard, and only through the post-processing of high-grade equipment can we have high-quality cartons

the high-end large line has just started in China. At present, the domestic high-end line is far from the international high-end line. Some people in the packaging industry believe that China's carton packaging machinery has reached the international level in the 1990s. In order to sell equipment, some domestic packaging machinery enterprises also advocate that their equipment level has reached the international level. However, China's carton enterprises rarely have the opportunity to go abroad for investigation, and do not understand international equipment. After listening to the big talk and small talk of domestic packaging machinery enterprises, they are also vague, as if they believe it rather than believe it. Corrugated production lines have a history of hundreds of years in the world, while corrugated production lines in China have a history of only about ten years. Although it does not take hundreds of years for China to catch up with and surpass the international advanced level. But it will not be able to catch up in ten years. That's a myth. Relying on domestic equipment, or importing one or two pieces of equipment, it is deceptive to advocate that the equipment reaches the international level. In the future, China's high-end lines must develop to international high-end lines. In the future, carton packaging enterprises will be large and small. "Large and large" means that the production line is high-grade, fast and wide. Foreign high-end lines are above 300m/min. At present, no factory in China can have a production line of more than 300m/min, and the domestic line of 100m/min is called fast. 2.5-2.8m wide wire has been widely used abroad, but China has only begun production in recent years. It takes a hard process to reach the international high-end, high-speed and wide range. China's packaging machinery needs to be comprehensively transformed. After China's entry into WTO at the end of this year, foreign packaging machinery will come in, which will accelerate the development of China's packaging machinery to a high level

new pattern of carton industry

the four major changes mentioned above will constitute a new pattern of the industry. This new pattern is that large enterprises and small enterprises, foreign enterprises and local enterprises, large enterprises and medium-sized enterprises will enter a new competitive period, which is a competition for elimination. The author predicts that two thirds of the production lines will be forced to stop and one third will remain for development. There are 19 production lines in Nanjing. After two or three years, 5-6 large lines will be left in the row, and the remaining more than 10 production lines will gradually disappear. After two to three years, the remaining five to six major lines will compete for ranking and market share, and then there will be a stable period. In three to five years, in the second five-year plan of the new century, there will be as many as two or three dominant large enterprises in Nanjing

the original medium-sized enterprises are all differentiated and automatically decentralized to the ranks of small enterprises to compete as the pacesetter. In small enterprises, enterprises with high output value, good benefits and large scale will reappear, such as those with an annual output value of 30-40 million, but they are still small enterprises. Because experts in cartons know that cartons are processed products. Generally speaking, it means that paper is moved in, processed into cartons and then moved out, or paper. The added value is not high, and the classification standard of large, medium and small enterprises will continue to rise in the future

there is competition and more cooperation between large enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises. Large and small enterprises are interdependent. Large enterprises look for users (large users, high-grade product packaging), and self-made cartons will not exceed 70% of the total sales, and more than 30% of them will supply cardboard (also known as paper chips) to many small enterprises. Small enterprises compete for users with their flexibility, convenience, locality (relationship) and low-cost labor. As long as they have the ability, large users, medium-sized users and small users can compete, and they can meet the requirements of users. In the future, the grade of post-processing equipment for small enterprises depends on the volume of business. Small enterprises with large business will be upgraded to high-grade post-processing equipment

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