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The trend of bearing industry towards networking

as an industrial basic component, bearing is a traditional industry, which changes periodically with the economic situation. In China, small and medium-sized bearing production enterprises almost dominate the world. Relatively speaking, liquidity is tight. Most business owners have relatively old ideas and short-sighted views. At the same time, they often have a little knowledge of networks. Their investment in network marketing is limited, but more or less of them will invest in this aspect. They just follow the trend more and know little about network marketing. They think that everything will be fine after paying money, and often have little effect

but today, with the great popularity of Internet, the influence of Internet on buyers' purchasing decisions has exceeded that of paper media, exhibitions, periodicals and magazines, and has become the main information channel for business decision-makers to find business information. However, it is a pity that many enterprises do not realize the importance of Internet as a marketing tool. Even some enterprises with good network awareness have become the "ATM" of wudelo company because they are not familiar with network marketing deeply enough. In view of the dilemma existing in the bearing network marketing thinking concept and marketing framework, it is necessary to make some amendments to the bearing enterprise network marketing mode, and use the new thinking mode to guide the bearing enterprise to the spring of network marketing

1. definition and significance of bearing industry network marketing

1.1 definition of bearing industry network marketing

bearing industry network marketing refers to people using electronic means to carry out bearing business, bearing trade and other activities, and it is the electronization, networking and digitization of bearing business activities. Its emergence and rapid development have had a profound and important impact on bearing marketing. A correct understanding of these impacts is of great significance for enterprises to adapt to the new environment, better segment the market, adopt advanced marketing means and methods, and meet consumer demand

1.2 bearing network marketing is imperative.

due to the particularity of its product use object, the bearing industry has tens of millions of specifications. Using network enterprises can break through the time and space constraints, play a good role in promoting the promotion of enterprise bearings and bearing brands, and network marketing can also create more new market opportunities for enterprises. As a new marketing channel, Internet is an important supplement to the traditional bearing marketing channel of enterprises. It can attract customers who cannot be attracted in the traditional marketing channel. Its convenience and quickness are unmatched by traditional marketing methods. The sales atmosphere of network marketing allows customers to recognize their products and let their products occupy the minds of users. This kind of marketing can also be called mental marketing. When users want to buy Bearings, they first think of the brand in their mind. This kind of network marketing can achieve the best effect

1.3 significance of online marketing in the bearing industry

the main purpose of online marketing in the bearing industry is to expand the exposure of bearings and related products, increase the interaction between bearing enterprises and bearing users, and achieve the purpose of increasing popularity and sales conversion. Reach the needs of bearing promotion through network media. If your products are aimed at enterprise users, it is an important means for them to find partners through search engine; Through network media, to improve the image and reputation of bearing enterprises, network marketing is the strategic highland of competitors; By means of network marketing, your products will occupy a favorable terrain in the promotion, and it is also one of your intangible assets. In today's increasingly homogeneous marketing means, whoever can grasp network marketing will win a key point in the competition

2. Bearing industry network marketing framework and tactical analysis

2.1 demonstration of bearing industry network marketing framework

bearing enterprises should consider the demonstration of a series of issues such as consumers, marketing costs, convenience and communication between both sides when establishing network marketing strategies. That is, we need to analyze, determine and verify user needs, and spend a lot of energy on detailed research. First of all, constantly tapping the needs of bearing users and carefully meeting them are the basis for forming their own core competitiveness, as well as the foothold of bearing and marketing, otherwise there will be fatal danger. Secondly, Luo has strong value in meeting these needs of bearing users. When we are doing marketing, it is very important to convey these value messages to the target users. Finally, bearing enterprises should clarify the competitive advantage, that is, the problem of differentiation. There are thousands of bearing product models, and the quality requirements of the same model are different. Only by clarifying their own bearing quality grades, selecting their own bearing product varieties, and determining the resources of target bearing users, and clarifying their own enterprise resources, bearing characteristics, and conscious strategic choices, can they strengthen their unique value in the numerous bearing needs of users. Through the integration and cooperation of network resources and long-term persistence, we can finally see the effect. This is the starting point of all bearing network marketing activities, so as to form core competitiveness. Therefore, bearing enterprises will involve the style design, content arrangement, function design, marketing theme and phased strategy of the station itself when planning network marketing

2.2 planning of bearing enterprise station and positioning of enterprise station

2.2.1 about domain name. It is certainly a good thing for bearing enterprises to have a good domain name when establishing the station. However, in the era of exhausted domain name resources and strong search engines, the domain names of small and medium-sized stations are no longer as strict as those in previous years. It is the first place that the domain names can be included by search engines and get good rankings. As long as there is a domain name containing bearing English, it is easy to be included by search engines

2.2.2 about station content. The search engine has the highest weighting coefficient for the original content of the station. Because the spider of the search engine monitors the content of the station all the time, the stations that really provide a lot of original content can stand out. Good station content can enable the search engine to update every few hours. At present, for enterprise stations, at least half of the traffic comes from search engines. Internet always likes stations with real talents and extensive knowledge

2.2.3 about search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is needed at the beginning of the construction of the station. From the structure of the station, the section of the station, and the attributes of the station, it needs to run through the spirit of search engine optimization

after the construction of the website goes online, the search engine can be divided into two parts. On the one hand, it is done by outsourcing companies that specifically provide search engine optimization services in the market; On the other hand, there are station maintenance personnel of the company who regularly release new information for station maintenance to improve the natural search ranking of the station on the search engine. Many companies not only did not rank well due to improper selection of service providers, but also caused search engines to block the site domain name. Therefore, we should be careful when choosing to use search engine optimization

2.2.4 precautions for building a bearing enterprise station: 1 A good bearing enterprise station will let most users who log in to your station be willing to contact you or leave contact information. To develop database marketing strategies that potential customers are willing to accept, they will gradually become your customers. 2. If you want to keep customers, you must send them the information they like. For example, the reasonable integration of bearing technology, bearing standards, question answering of bearing process problems, bearing specifications and parameters, etc. can create miracles at any time through user experience

2.2.5 content construction of bearing enterprise promotion station. Before the promotion station, you must enrich the content of your station, and all kinds of information should be perfect. The interface design of the station should make people look comfortable, not gorgeous, but simple and practical. Only when the content of the station is available, can you attract users. Otherwise, your users will not stay in your station for more than 20 seconds, and may never come again

2.26 about station visual communication. We should try to think from the perspective of visitors, so that visitors can easily find the information they are looking for on each page. We can't help assuming that our visitors are looking for products. When opening the enterprise website, we ask ourselves the following questions: at first glance, do you think this enterprise is specialized in producing such products? I want to know the basic information of this enterprise, such as contact information, company introduction, etc. can I find it directly? If I want to find a certain product, how should I operate (228 regulations) the experimental results should be rounded to 1MPa? I found the product information. Can I directly contact the enterprise for an inquiry? To solve these problems, we consider user mode, navigation design, homepage layout, usability and other aspects when designing page design

2.3 advertising strategy of bearing enterprise station

after the construction of bearing station, advertising is a powerful means of attention marketing and promotion, including advertising on and off, including paid advertising, and exchange advertising. However, the advertising of bearings must be accurate. If you are selling mechanical accessories such as bearings, you should go to e-commerce stations (especially the majors in the bearing industry: bearing suppliers, etc.) to advertise. The effect of comprehensive stations is not necessarily good. Of course, if you have money and nowhere to spend, you can attack in all directions, and all major portals can advertise

2.4 integration and implementation of bearing network marketing advantages

bearing enterprises must understand the feasible network marketing strategy in marketing when implementing the network marketing strategy. Find methods and strategies that can use e-commerce and network marketing to promote enterprise marketing

2.4.1 explore and scientifically manage marketing objects and marketing tools. Apply

to classify and evaluate bearing related stations and the types of Internet users they have, mainly for segmenting the target audience in many aspects, such as economic ability, consumption demand, consumption interest, industry type, social composition, so as to make the strategic object of e-commerce and network marketing of bearing enterprises closer to the marketing demand

according to the comprehensive characteristics of bearing e-commerce and network marketing, as well as the corresponding needs of users, comprehensively reflect the interactivity, humanization and application functions of the enterprise station; And by borrowing different network platforms, the information is actively or interactively pushed to the target audience in different network media forms. Provide a comprehensive information and service platform suitable for customers and ourselves

2.4.2 use a good feedback mechanism to reduce marketing costs and improve marketing benefits

use the Internet to easily communicate information between providers and users of products and services, minimize consumers' information asymmetry in economic life, and improve active consumption and the choice of 2012. Bearing network marketing communication strives to maximize the marketing effect for customers with the lowest marketing cost

2.5 marketing tactics of bearing enterprise station

in the era of Internet new economy, reaching your enterprise station by chance is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Everyone knows that a bearing station is through the search engine, so first we should make an article on the search engine. The so-called search engine marketing mode mainly increases the click through rate of the station by optimizing its own station (SEO) or buying advertisements to obtain a higher search engine ranking, so as to improve the sales of bearings. Compared with entering the bearing address directly, most target audiences are more likely to find the bearing they think of through the search engine. Let the bearing have a good display in the search engine, and attract and convert more potential target bearing customers into bearing customers through integrated search engine marketing

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