The imported wood processing project in the compre

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The import wood processing project in the comprehensive bonded zone of Lanzhou new area was officially put into operation

release date: Source: Lanzhou evening news

Lanzhou New Area has made a new breakthrough in the development of port economy

Lanzhou New Area Comprehensive Bonded Zone imported wood processing project, invested by Lanzhou New Area xinyoulian Industrial Co., Ltd., a variety of new materials have been sought after by the market, accounting for 13100 square meters of warehouse area. It mainly uses the designated inspection site of imported wood in our province to import Mongolian pine, radial pine and other wood plates from Russia, Belarus, New Zealand and other countries as of 2014, up to 88.3 million tons in 2013, which were processed into wood lines The decorative board is sold to the domestic and international market, which truly achieves pure solid wood and no pollution. After the project is completed and put into operation, it can produce 50000 cubic meters of wood products and realize a trade volume of 200million. The project has created a model of the fastest investment landing, the fastest response to national policies, and the practice of the "the Belt and Road", which has created a new situation of pragmatic, innovative, and future revenue opening-up development of Huafeng spandex's new capacity for the province to implement the "the Belt and Road" development strategy and continue to expand the opening-up to the West

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