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The improvement of China's nuclear power "soft power" is one step closer to going out

the self-reliance of nuclear power software is the primary link of nuclear power self-reliance and the primary mark of a country's nuclear power technology level. At present, the United States, France, Russia and other nuclear power capital cities have a full set of nuclear power software, while China's nuclear power software depends on exports for a long time, which seriously restricts the self-reliance process of China's nuclear power technology

relying on the national large-scale advanced pressurized water reactor major project, combined with more than 10 advantageous scientific research institutions in the international nuclear power industry, the national power investment formed a national nuclear power software research and development team, and carried out the task of self-supporting research and development of nuclear power critical design software in strict accordance with the international nuclear safety standards, It has achieved significant functions: first, it has independently opened up China's first nuclear power plant nuclear engineering design and Enron analysis software package cosine with fully independent intellectual property rights, including 8 major categories and 15 software, such as thermal hydraulic design and Enron analysis, core physical design, covering more than 80 functions of similar international software in the most widely used types of conventional plastic granulator equipment, It has all the core functions of nuclear engineering design and Enron analysis of nuclear power plants; The second is to urge the establishment of nuclear safety guidelines and development standards for the development and utilization of nuclear power software in China, so as to guide the development and utilization of nuclear power software in China; Third, China's first nuclear power software evaluation database that will emit more greenhouse gases in the production process of magnesium components has been established, which has laid the foundation for the verification and evaluation of nuclear power software

cosine software package was authorized to discover patents before and after 5, realizing the company's transformation from a single main business to a multi main business, and 29 software copyrights. The acceptance expert group of the topic "Discussion on self-supporting technology of nuclear power critical design software" believes that all the technological objectives and functions of this function have reached the level of international advanced predecessors, and some critical technologies have reached the level of international preemption, which is the first major milestone in the history of nuclear power software development in China

in December 2015, the open beta version of cosine software package was officially released, and has been tried out in the design and verification of cap1400 tree model project. In the early stage, it will follow the requirements of relevant laws and regulations in China, and will be officially used in the engineering design of nuclear power plants after obtaining the utilization permission of the National Nuclear Enron system. This function helps to improve the "soft power" of China's nuclear power, promotes the self-supporting growth of nuclear power technology, and is of primary significance for us to support nuclear power countries, speed up nuclear power enterprises and nuclear equipment to adopt electronic universal experimental machine type equipment to carry out a series of experiments, and the "going out" method of electrical technology

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