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Printing machine industry: improving the standardization level is related to the overall situation (Part 1)

the import of printing machinery and equipment has been ranked among the top 20 products with the largest import volume for many years. It is among the products with large import volume together with automobiles, machine tools, medical devices, electronic products and engineering machinery. The import volume in 2004 was as high as 1.72 billion US dollars, more than twice the total sales volume of domestic printing machinery and equipment. The year with the highest export volume was 2004, reaching 262million US dollars, and the import and export deficit was quite wide. I think there are four main reasons for the Crux: first, the low level of product technology and the lack of independent innovation ability; Second, the product quality is not good; Third, high-end equipment is basically occupied by foreign manufacturers; Fourth, the adaptability and overall level of the standard are not high

first, domestic printing machinery and equipment have made breakthroughs

last year, the "Sixth Beijing International Printing Technology Exhibition" was held in Beijing, with an exhibition area of more than 90000 square meters, so that we will not even go abroad by 2030. We will have a general overview of foreign printing machinery when we go abroad. Domestic printing machinery manufacturers also have outstanding performance at the exhibition, which can be regarded as the best summary of the Tenth Five Year Plan for the development of the national economy, Show the following scientific and technological progress to the whole printing industry:

1 Fill the blank of sheet fed lithographic printing machine - the full sheet fed series of sheet fed printing machines include multi-color printing machines. Two enterprises have launched a series of products to meet the needs of the packaging and printing industry for large format equipment, and began to enter the process of localization. The printing speed of multi-color printing machine for folio paper has reached 15000 sheets/hour; Four open and eight open sheet fed multi-color printing machines have been mass produced to meet the needs of the domestic market

2. The products of the web printing machine family are produced by manufacturers except for large-scale double width newspaper printers. Among them, the printing speed of medium-sized newspaper printers produced by two enterprises has reached 70000 pieces/hour - 75000 pieces/hour; The printing speed of commercial and semi commercial printing machines has reached 45000 sheets/hour; The printing speed of the small tower press has reached 45000 sheets/hour. Suitable for web printing of various sizes of paper, due to the extremely weak electrical signal output by the extensometer, there are a wide range of machines, and there is a large export volume

3. The scientific and technological level of web gravure printing machine has also been greatly improved. There are two enterprises' products, and the printing speed has reached 300 meters/minute. It can be printed in the way of double putting and double receiving, and the packaging materials can be pre printed - composite process to make the printing and packaging colors more colorful

4. The number of flexographic printing machine manufacturing enterprises is growing. Products with unit type, satellite type and cascade structure have been produced by nearly 20 enterprises, and the size specifications of equipment also include 420mm, 460mm, 480mm, 560mm, 620mm, etc. The main supporting parts of the equipment, such as corrugated rollers and circular die cutting rollers, have been localized, and the field of flexible printing is also developing

5. Post press binding equipment is developing very fast. Not only are the enterprises entering this field increasing, but also some large enterprises are also developing to the field of post press and related equipment. How to operate horse riding binding production line, wireless binding production line and self spring testing machine? High efficiency equipment such as dynamic box gluing machine, automatic carton production line and full-automatic flat pressing die-cutting machine can meet the needs of the domestic market. According to statistics, the speed of horse riding binding production line has reached 11000 copies/hour, and the speed of wireless binding production line can reach 5500 copies/hour. The speed of full-automatic flat pressing die-cutting machine has reached 8000 sheets/hour. In addition, automatic shell making machine, semi-automatic box making machine, stacking baler, high-speed folding machine and other equipment have reached a high level

the technical content of products in the general mode that can set the control mode as speed closed-loop and pressure closed-loop has made great progress, such as shaftless transmission technology, alcohol wetting technology, ink remote control technology, variable frequency speed regulation technology, fault display and diagnosis technology, and program programming technology are widely used

II. Enlightenment from foreign new products

1 At present, the digital printing equipment that is still blank in China can be found everywhere in the exhibition. Waterless offset printing - in the pattern of the machine-made digital printing machine, which is unique from the original Heidelberg, began to flow to gaobao, screen, leyoubi and other manufacturers. Digital proofing machine, digital black-and-white printing machine, digital color printing machine, inkjet printing machine and digital direct plate making machine have been industrialized abroad, and the market share has been continuously improved. CIP3, CIP4, PDF and other file format standards have been continuously integrated, and a JDF full process automated file format has been formed, so that information sharing can be achieved before and after printing, and the printing production process, even the management process, can be automated

2. The main equipment of the printing industry - sheet fed printing machines continue to develop towards high efficiency and high quality. Sheet fed multi-color printing machines have formed a number of double-sided color printing equipment. Such as flip printing, double-sided direct printing, serial double-sided printing, and the printing format is also expanded to 1050mm, 1300mm, and 1620mm on the basis of 460mm, 520mm, and 1020mm. The printing speed of folio printing reaches 15200 sheets/hour - 18000 sheets/hour, and the printing speed of full sheet printing reaches 10000 sheets/hour - 15500 sheets/hour. Some products have adopted shaftless transmission, shaftless transmission of printing drum (with shaft transmission for paper feeding), and independent transmission technology of paper conveyor

3. The post press linkage processing equipment is increasing, and the square trademark automatic cutting production line is composed of two paper cutters and automatic paper transportation devices; The special-shaped trademark cutting, die cutting and baling production line composed of two paper cutters, die cutting machines and baling equipment can achieve the production capacity of 2.5 million special-shaped trademarks per hour; There are also automatic box making production lines, automatic bag making production lines and hardcover production lines for books and periodicals; Automatic magnetic card writer, books and periodicals flat order production line, etc. Some binding equipment is also connected with counting, stacking, baling and packing

4. Printing and post press connection equipment also began to appear, such as: web printing machine and newspaper binding connection; Web printing machine is connected with stacking and bundling; Sheet fed printing machine and post press binding connection, etc

III. problems in standardization

linking the development of products with the standardization of printing machinery, it just confirms the adaptability of standardization and the conclusion that the overall level is low. The problems existing in the standardization of printing machinery in China can be summarized as follows:

1 Standardization seriously lags behind the development of product technology, affecting the improvement of enterprise product level

2. Standardization cannot drive the export of printing machinery in large quantities, and cannot raise the technical threshold for the import of foreign products

3. Standardization cannot promote the elimination of low-level products as soon as possible

4. Standardization cannot expand the market sales of high-tech products

5. There is no safety related standard in the standard system

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