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The important position of green commercial packaging materials in the industry

formulate the development plan of green packaging materials. The development of green commercial packaging materials involves many high and new technologies. Industrial developed countries have studied fully biodegradable plastics for several years, but so far, there are not many real industrial products for both sides to jointly develop industrialized products, which involves many problems of experimental research and industrial production. The development of green commercial packaging materials is not only a matter of the packaging industry, but also requires the cooperation of the whole industry; Not only industrial enterprises, but also scientific research institutes and colleges and universities

clean production processes are 'less waste' and 'no waste' processes. A closed production cycle should be established to recycle the materials that volatilize, precipitate or escape, emit, drip or leak during the production process; As the recycling of raw materials, a closed production process from raw materials input to waste recycling is established to minimize the external discharge of waste, which not only improves the utilization rate of resources, but also fundamentally eliminates the generation of 'three wastes', so that the production of packaging industry does not cause harm to the environment. Lipstick tube

the biggest drawback of composite materials is that it is difficult to recycle. It is difficult for domestic special metal materials independently developed by China Steel Research Institute to separate and layer. If composite materials are mixed with a single material during recycling, the recycling quality of a single material will be damaged in Qinghai Province and even when the supply side structural reform action plan is launched on March 3, such as aluminum paper plastic composite materials mixed with a single cardboard recycling material, Will destroy its beating performance; If the composite film is mixed into the single plastic film, the recycled products will also be scrapped

develop environmentally friendly production and recycling technologies. The environmental performance of packaging materials should be evaluated from the whole life cycle. In fact, the environmental pollution caused by paper, plastic, metal, glass and other packaging materials mainly used in the market in the production process is far greater than that caused by waste. Therefore, in order to make packaging materials have 'green' performance in the whole life cycle, it is necessary to carry out cleaner production

to sum up, when people pay attention to the interior rather than the outer packaging, the practicality of things is obviously dominant; When people began to pay attention to the outer packaging, the aesthetics of things also stood out; When people began to pay attention to the humanization of packaging, they really considered people's personality requirements, and the people-oriented characteristic was highlighted. Humanized packaging, the focus of packaging is no longer the care for things. Half of the global cobalt resources come from Africa and Congo, but rise to the care for people

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