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The difference between "personalized printing" and "differentiated printing"

differentiated printing

this is a new word emerging from overseas media in the past two years. Differentiated printing is not a new technology. It is just a new strategy that appears in the printing markets of the United States, Japan and other countries. It has a profound technical connotation. To put it bluntly, it is a new technology brand that the printing industry vigorously pursues

due to the continuous development of new technology and equipment, the market supply-demand relationship has shown unprecedented fierce competition. As long as there is capital to introduce new equipment and adopt new technology, everyone can obtain the due quality. The original model of quality + service can no longer keep old customers and please new customers. Among printing enterprises with the same strength, we must explore means that are different from other enterprises' quality effects, and can clearly show the printing methods that are different from other enterprises, so as to win customers. This is the reason for the introduction of differentiated printing. In fact, it reflects a new way of thinking, a new atmosphere and a new trend in business, and is pregnant with gratifying prospects

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has achieved good results in stable and healthy development. With the development of electronic publishing and cross media technology, personalized printing has quietly emerged in the market of traditional printing recently. In fact, during the printing process, the printed image or text can be constantly changed according to the preset content and format, so that the printed matter within the specified number of prints can have different images or text according to the needs, and each printed matter can be designed and printed according to its specific distribution object. Personalized printing has now become the protagonist of on-demand printing, because printing enterprises have realized that they must develop new technology brands for their customers. On the other hand, market economy promotes customers to emphasize their own personality more and more. At the same time, the development of digital printing has impacted the market of traditional printing. One of its characteristics is to realize personalized printing

the increase of commercial activities and the improvement of consumption level have promoted the rapid expansion of the application scope of personalized printing. Such as product promotion lists, menus of big hotels, passes, greeting cards, invitations, mail order advertising lists, certificates of award, corporate image design manuals, etc. Personalized printing products have a wide range of social needs

take the printing market in Japan as an example to analyze its substantive content. In Japan, the market share of four-color plate making +175 line plus processes color has been compressed to less than 40%, while the remaining 60% has been shared by emerging technology brands seeking differentiation. For example, multi-color printing refers to the printing method with more than 5 colors. The 5-color printing is cmyk+ silver, which reflects the metallic tone and is highly praised by customers. While the electro-hydraulic servo universal experimental machine printing (hexachrome) is made of cmyk+ orange and green, which is characterized by that except for black and blue, other inks contain fluorescent pigments, so the colors are bright. When using 6-color printing Ningbo materials to prepare vanillin based phosphorus containing self flame retardant epoxy resin brushes, most of them are supplemented by 230 thread addition, which has become an effective means to pursue differentiation. It is used to print product catalogs, menus, comics, cartoons and toys. 4-color cmyk+rgb 7-color printing (super fine color) plus a spot color (gold, silver or dark brown), printed with an 8-color machine, which can highlight the printing effect. It is mostly used for printing securities, checks, lottery tickets, etc. in order to prevent the appearance of moire, FM is usually used. In addition, in order to seek differentiation and high added value, the printing method of hi fi color is an indispensable and effective means

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