The difference between bronzing and three-dimensio

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The difference between packaging box bronzing and three-dimensional bronzing

1 Bronzing

bronzing is a processing process that uses the template installed on the hot stamping machine to achieve better maneuverability, performance and driveability on a wide and smooth road with the help of a certain pressure and temperature, so that the printed matter and the hot stamping plate can be combined and pressed in a short time, and the metal foil or color pigment foil can be transferred according to the graphic requirements of the hot stamping template and printed on the surface of the hot stamping material

because hot stamping is mainly gold and silver, it is often called hot stamping. This technology is an important process to increase the visual effect and grade of labels, trademarks, cigarette packs, wine packs and various high-end packaging boxes. From the process, it can be divided into pressing before printing and printing before ironing

hot stamping is to hot stamp the electrochemical aluminum foil layer on the blank substrate first, and then print pictures and texts on the surface of the aluminum foil layer. It is mostly used for packaging printing that requires large-area hot stamping. Printing before ironing is the process of stamping the required patterns on the printed matter and the parts that need to be hot stamped, which is widely used at present

in terms of hot stamping methods, it can be divided into hot stamping technology and cold stamping technology. Hot stamping technology is the above-mentioned hot stamping process that requires a new price to take effect on October 16, 2017 or the temperature and pressure can be verified by the contract to complete the transfer of electrochemical aluminum foil. Cold hot stamping technology is a process of transferring electrochemical aluminum foil to the surface of packaging printed matter under a certain pressure by applying UV adhesive to the part of the printed matter that needs hot stamping through the first transmission mode. These two methods have their own characteristics and meet the requirements of different products

2. Three dimensional bronzing

three dimensional bronzing technology is a composite technology combining bronzing technology and embossing technology. It is a process that uses corrosion or engraving technology to make bronzing and embossing graphics and texts into a female mold intaglio and male mold relief matching up and down, so as to realize the completion of bronzing and embossing technology at one time. This process completes bronzing and embossing at the same time, reduces the waste products produced by the processing process and inaccurate overprinting, and improves the production overflow rate and product quality

because three-dimensional bronzing is the combination of bronzing and concave convex embossing technology, the product effect is a relief shaped three-dimensional pattern, which can not be printed again. Therefore, the process of printing before ironing must be adopted. At the same time, due to its high accuracy and high quality requirements, it is not suitable for cold hot stamping technology, but rather suitable for hot stamping technology

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